Cattle Grids

ILD cattle grids are available in several standard sizes and any custom size. Each cattle grid is manufactured complete with the base, this allows for easy, quick and hassle free installation.  We aim to keep in stock our standard sizes and they are ready for immediate delivery—please contact us for a rapid quote.

Standard Size 50 Tonne Cattle Grid – in Stock

Size Price Price inc. VAT
3m x 2.44m £POA £POA
3.6m x 2.44m £POA £POA
4.2m x 2.44m £POA £POA
Custom £POA £POA

50 Tonne Drainage and Deer Grids

Size Price Price inc. VAT
3m x 0.9m Drainage Grid £POA £POA
3.0m x 4.6m Deer Grid £POA £POA

Custom Sizes

We can create our grids to any size—please contact us for a rapid quote.

Man welding a cattle grid.

Standard Features

  • Three part construction allows easy maintenance—just unbolt the top two sections and the pit is revealed for cleaning. All grids are delivered preassembled.
  • All grids conform to BS4008:2006.
  • Hedgehog ramps  allow small animals to escape.
  • Galvanised finish as standard gives a very long life.
  • Extremely economical to install means less down time.
  • Easy to maintain


The following extras can be added:

  • Side fences—can be added after installation
  • Gates and gate posts—can be added after installation

    Cattle grid with removable side fences and gate post

Optional Painted Finish

As well as the standard galvanised finish we now offer a painted finish too.

Load Ratings

Our standard grids are rated at 50 tonnes, but we also make grids rated at 120 tonnes. An engineer’s report detailing all calculations is available upon request.

Deer Grids

A 4.6m long version of our 50 tonne grids are also available to stop deer. These grids have four top sections instead of two, and the base is supplied in 3 easy to assemble parts for transport and handling purposes. We can also supply side fences for our deer grids that are 2 metres high. We can be on hand on the phone to guide you through assembling the grid.

Drainage Grids

These are the same as our 50 tonne grids, but are much shorter at 0.9m. They are designed to catch surface water that runs down the road, thus preventing erosion of the road surface. As with all our grids, the top bars are removable for ease of cleaning the pit. They can also be supplied with a walk over mesh panel onto the top bars to allow pedestrians to walk over the grid without the risk of getting their feet trapped in between the bars. Please note drainage grids offer no stock control.